It is a partnership between Kilimall and University students.

    It is aimed at reaching the young people at the universities. It is with the idea that if we need to move and be in market for a long time, we need to invest in the young people.

    This is because, the future of our country and the world at large is in the young people. After creating trust in them about Kilimall, the young people will start buying from us and also in the future they will continue placing orders from us and influence their family members and hence the society at large.


    It is a partnership program between business owners and Kilimall International Ltd.

    Our model is to link our customers in the offline market and Kilimall. We engage, agree, sign contract, get trained and start selling Kilimall products through referral program and you make attractive commissions which we payout on weekly basis.

    You do not come to us, we send you your money via Mpesa every two weeks on all successful orders delivered. Contact us for more details and start earning big.


    E-women is a new platform that has been introduced to help women earn extra money.

    And it is targeting all types of women be it house wife's, single mothers and even those who are for ways to earn extra money

    Kilimall considers women because it understands the needs and the challenges they are facing that's why it has decided to capitalize on women by giving them a platform to showcase their skills and talents by helping people place orders on a commission as a freelance.

If you have any questions please email us at affiliateprogram@kilimall.com. Term and Conditions
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